Pear by Holepunch

Pear loads applications remotely from peers and allows anyone to create and share applications with peers.

Pear by Holepunch is a combined Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Runtime, Development & Deployment tool.

Build, share & extend unstoppable, zero-infrastructure P2P applications for Desktop, Terminal & Mobile.

Welcome to the Internet of Peers

– Holepunch, the P2P Company

Table of Contents

Pear runtime

References for utilizing the Pear runtime.

The Pear runtime uses Bare JavaScript runtime, which is a small and modular JavaScript runtime for desktop and mobile. To learn more, see Bare Reference.


Guides on using the pear runtime to build and share P2P applications.


Simple How-tos on using the essential builing blocks in Pear applications.

Building blocks

The essential building blocks for building powerful P2P applications using Pear.


Helper modules can be used together with the building blocks to create cutting-edge P2P tools and applications.


The following tools are used extensively employed in the day-to-day development and operation of applications built on Pear.


Applications built using Pear.

  • Keet: A peer-to-peer chat and video-conferencing application with end-to-end encryption.


Collection of example applications that can be used as reference during development.

Stability indexing

Throughout the documentation, indications of stability are provided. Some modules are well-established and used widely, making them highly unlikely to ever change. Other modules may be new, experimental, or known to have risks associated with their use.

The following stability indices have been used:

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