Command-Line-Interface (CLI)


The Command Line Interface is the primary interface for Pear Development.

pear init [dir]

Create initial project files.

--yes|-y         Autoselect all defaults
--type|-t=type   Project type: desktop (default) or terminal
--force|-f       Force overwrite existing files
--with|-w=name   Additional functionality. Available: node

pear dev [flags] [dir] []

Run a project in development mode from disk.

Alias for: pear run --dev <dir>

--link=url                 Simulate deep-link click open
--store|-s=path            Set the Application Storage path
--tmp-store|-t             Automatic new tmp folder as store path

pear stage <channel|key> [dir]

Synchronize local changes to key.

Channel name must be specified on first stage, in order to generate the initial key.

Outputs diff information and project key.

  --json         Newline delimited JSON output
  --dry-run|-d   Execute a stage without writing
  --bare|-b      File data only, no warmup optimization
  --ignore       Comma separated file path ignore list
  --name         Advanced. Override app name

pear seed <channel|key> [dir]

Seed project or reseed key.

Specify channel or key to seed a project.

Specify a remote key to reseed.

  --json        Newline delimited JSON output
  --seeders|-s  Additional public keys to seed from
  --name        Advanced. Override app name
  --verbose|-v  Additional output

pear run [flags] <key|dir|alias> []

Run an application from a key or dir.




file://<absolute-path> | <absolute-path> | <relative-path>



  --dev                      Enable --devtools & --updates-diff
  --devtools                 Open devtools with application [Desktop]
  --updates-diff             Enable diff computation for Pear.updates
  --no-updates               Disable updates firing via Pear.updates
  --link=url                 Simulate deep-link click open
  --store|-s=path            Set the Application Storage path
  --tmp-store|-t             Automatic new tmp folder as store path
  --checkout=n               Run a checkout, n is version length
  --checkout=release         Run checkout from marked released length
  --checkout=staged          Run checkout from latest version length
  --no-ask-trust             Exit instead of asking to trust unknown keys
  --detached                 Wakeup existing app or run detached


pear run pear://u6c6it1hhb5serppr3tghdm96j1gprtesygejzhmhnk5xsse8kmy
pear run -s /tmp/app-storage path/to/an-app-folder some --app args
pear run -t file://path/to/an-app-folder --some app --args
pear run pear://keet

pear release <channel|key> [dir]

Set production release version.

Set the release pointer against a version (default latest).

Use this to indicate production release points.

  --json                   Newline delimited JSON output
  --checkout=n|current     Set a custom release length (version)

pear info [key]

Read project information.

Supply a key to view application info

Without a key pear info shows Pear info

  --json          Newline delimited JSON output

pear dump <key> [dir]

Synchronize files from key to dir.

  --json          Newline delimited JSON output
  --checkout=n    Dump from a custom release length (version)

pear sidecar

The Pear Sidecar is a local-running HTTP and IPC server which provides access to corestores.

This command instructs any existing sidecar process to shutdown and then becomes the sidecar.

  --mem              memory mode: RAM corestore
  --attach-boot-io   include initial sidecar I/O (if applicable)

pear repl

Connect to a Read-Eval-Print-Loop session with sidecar.

A key is printed out, use with repl-swarm module to connect.

pear versions

Output version information.

--json        Single JSON object

pear shift <src-key> <dst-key> [--force]

Move user application storage between applications.

--force     Overwrite existing application storage if present
--json      Newline delimited JSON output

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