Application Configuration


The package.json file

A Pear project must have a package.json file and a main entry file.

The package.json file must have either a name property or pear object with a name property.

The package.json name field must be lowercase and one word, and may contain letters, numbers, hyphens (-), underscores (_), forward slashes (/) and asperands (@).

The package.json file may also contain a main field, which typically should point to an HTML file. If omitted, index.html or index.js is the default entry file depending on application type.

Any other fields (such as dependencies) may also be present in the package.json file.

The package.json pear object contains application configuration and is exposed via the API as pear.config.options.

Pear versioning is automatic. The package.json file does not require a version field, the version field will be ignored.

The package.json pear field. <String>

The name of the application. Overrides package.json name.

pear.gui <Object>

Graphical User Interface configuration options.

pear.gui.width <Number>

Window width (pixels).

pear.gui.height <Number>

Window height (pixels).

pear.gui.x <Number>

Horizontal window position (pixels).

pear.gui.y <Number>

Vertical window position (pixels).

pear.gui.minWidth <Number>

Window minimum width (pixels).

pear.gui.minHeight <Number>

Window minimum height (pixels).

pear.gui.maxWidth <Number>

Window maximum width (pixels).

pear.gui.maxHeight <Number>

Window maximum height (pixels). <Boolean> (default: false)

Center window.

pear.gui.resizable <Boolean> (default: true)

Window resizability.

pear.gui.movable <Boolean> (default: true)

Window movability.

pear.gui.minimizable <Boolean> (default: true)

Window minimizability.

pear.gui.maximizable <Boolean> (default: true)

Window maximizability.

pear.gui.closable <Boolean> (default: true)

Window closability.

pear.gui.focusable <Boolean> (default: true)

Window focusability.

pear.gui.alwaysOnTop <Boolean> (default: false)

Set window to always be on top.

pear.gui.fullscreen <Boolean> (default: false)

Set window to fullscreen on start.

pear.gui.kiosk <Boolean> (default: false)

Set window to enter kiosk mode on start.

pear.gui.autoHideMenuBar <Boolean> (default: false)

Hide menu bar unless Alt key is pressed (Linux, Windows).

pear.gui.hasShadow <Boolean> (default: true)

Window shadow.

pear.gui.opacity <Number> (default: 1)

Set window opacity (0.0 - 1.0) (Windows, macOS).

pear.gui.transparent <Boolean> (default: false)

Enable transparency. Must be set for opacity to work.

pear.gui.backgroundColor <String> (default: "#000" non-transparent, "#00000000" transparent)

Background color (Hex, RGB, RGBA, HSL, HSLA, CSS color).

Storing and managing Pear application links and domains.

links can be an object or an array. If it's an object, naming the key makes it easy to reference from Pear.config.links

The links and domains inside need to be trusted. Any pear links that the app trusts to run (eg as a worker) must be added and any http(s) domains that the app wants to access must also be added, including localhost.

  // ...
  "pear": {
    // accessed at runtime using Pear.config.links[index] eg. Pear.config.links[0] for pear://somePearKey
    "links": [ 
    // OR
    // accessed at runtime using eg. Pear.config.links.myWorker for myWorker
    "links": {
      "myWorker": "pear://somePearKey",
      "host": ""

pear.stage <Object>

Staging configuration options.

pear.stage.entrypoints <Array>

An array of entrypoints as staging start-points in addition to (deduped) main entry point.

pear.stage.ignore <Array>

An array of file paths to ignore relative to package.json file.

pear.previewFor <String>

Allows a Pear application to use a different Pear application's storage by referring to it's key. This can be useful for testing production storage with test versions of the application.

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