SecretStream is used to securely create connections between two peers in Hyperswarm. It is powered by Noise and libsodium's SecretStream. SecretStream can be used as a standalone module to provide encrypted communication between two parties.

The SecretStream instance is a Duplex stream that supports usability as a normal stream for standard read/write operations. Furthermore, its payloads are encrypted with libsodium's SecretStream for secure transmission.

GitHub (SecretStream)


Install with npm:

npm install @hyperswarm/secret-stream


const s = new SecretStream(isInitiator, [rawStream], [options])

Makes a new stream.

isInitiator is a boolean indicating whether the process is a client or the server.

rawStream can be set to an underlying transport stream to run the noise stream over.

options include:



Accept server connections for this topic by announcing it to the DHT



PublicKey of the other party



Combination of PublicKey and SecretKey

{ publicKey, secretKey }


To use a handshake performed elsewhere, pass it here

{ tx, rx, handshakeHash, publicKey, remotePublicKey }

The SecretStream returned is a Duplex stream to write data to and read data from, it's a normal stream with payloads that are encrypted using the libsodium secretstream.

By default, the above process uses ed25519 for the handshakes.

To load the key pair asynchronously, the secret stream also supports passing in a promise instead of the keypair that later resolves to { publicKey, secretKey }. The stream lifecycle will wait for the resolution and auto-destroy the stream if the promise gives an error.



Gets the local public key.


Gets the remote's public key. Populated after open is emitted.


Gets the unique hash of this handshake. Populated after open is emitted.


s.start(rawStream, [options])

Starts a SecretStream from a rawStream asynchronously.

const s = new SecretStream({
  autoStart: false // call start manually

// ... do async stuff or destroy the stream

s.start(rawStream, {
  ... options from above


Sets the stream timeout. If no data is received within a ms window, the stream is auto-destroyed.


Sends a heartbeat (empty message) every time the socket is idle for ms milliseconds.

const keyPair = SecretStream.keyPair([seed])

Generates an ed25519 key pair.


s.on('connect', onConnectHandler)

Emitted when the handshake is fully done. It is safe to write to the stream immediately though, as data is buffered internally before the handshake has been completed.

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