Getting Started

Pear Runtime can be installed via npm.

Since npm (or equivalent package manager) is needed to install application dependencies this guide will walk through installing pear with npm.

Build with Pear - Episode 01: Developing with Pear


Pear runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The pear CLI can be installed from npm, which comes with node.

The npm package manager can also be used to install application dependencies later on.

On MacOS and Linux, we recommend installing node using nvm

On Windows we recommend installing node with nvs.

The Pear Runtime does not rely on node, node is only needed to install and run the npm package manager.


To install Pear run the following command:

npm i -g pear

To complete the setup, run the pear command.


If a Pear application, such as Keet, is already installed then the Pear platform is already available. In this case, running pear should show help output.

If not, the first run of pear will fetch the platform from peers, after which running pear again should output help information.

To check that Pear is fully working, try the following command:

pear run pear://keet

Pear loads applications from peers, so this command should open Keet whether or not it was downloaded and installed beforehand.


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